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Why you should consider getting an electric car

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Shopping for a new car? This is why you might want to consider going electric…

At least once a year one of my friends or family members will announce they’re shopping for a new car or surprise me by already buying one. It’s quite common, really. But, in 2021, I was upset after several of my friends bought new cars and didn’t for one second consider that, hey, it’s 2021 and electric cars are a great investment.

Perhaps writing this piece is pointless because in 10 years from now people will automatically transition to electric vehicles without my ramblings. But I’ll ramble anyways, or give my anecdote at least, because I’ve been driving an electric golf cart for 3 years now and, let me tell you, nothing beats electric. Nothing. Consider this an opinion piece, or a testimonial at the least, for I truly believe my friends and family would’ve been better off buying an electric car instead of one powered by old-fashioned rising gas prices…

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Here are my 3 reasons why I think my friends made a bad choice by not going electric:

  1. Sure, you might pay a bit more upfront to transition to owning an electric car, but in the long run you’ll save lots of money because you won’t need to buy gas anymore. Instead of gas, your household electric bill will be a little higher when you charge your car at night, but at the end of the year you’ll notice you still saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars, especially if your car is shared by the whole family.
  2. Companies like Tesla Motors are out there doing their best to make electric cars even faster and more powerful than conventional fuel-powered cars. For example, the upcoming Tesla Cyber Truck has already proven it can handle more abuse and has more power than the vast majority of other gasoline or diesel trucks. So if your argument is that you can’t go electric because you need horse power or more torque than what an electric truck can handle, then you need to refresh yourself with the most recent science and look at the data. Electric trucks, I predict, in the next decade will be so powerful they’ll make today’s gasoline trucks look like children’s toys.
  3. Personally, this third reason why you should consider going electric is the reason I’ll be investing in an electric car this year. I may only have an electric golf cart at the moment, but my current vehicle, a sedan from 2003, has broken down so many times and since it’s so old there are no warranties when I need repairs or towing service. Believe it or not, but I’ve paid more this year in towing costs than in gasoline costs. Brand new electric vehicles rarely ever break down, and the warranties are to die for! I truly look forward to the day when I’ll never need to order a tow truck service again.

Thank you for reading my ramble and I hope this piece will convince my friends and family, if not my sincere readers, to go electric; not because I want to save the environment per se, but because I want my friends and family to have a better quality of life and save money. There are hundreds of other reasons each individual might have for switching to an electric car. What’s yours? Please, contact us to share your opinion.

Bye for now.