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Merry Christmas from CartStuffDepot.com

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Christmas is our favorite time of year, as shoppers at heart. If you love shopping like us then you probably had to learn the hard way that gift-giving is not the meaning of Christmas. Whatever this time of year means to you, we want to welcome you and thank you for being here. We truly mean it when we say merry Christmas!

We’ve been talking about Christmas since September, for good reasons. This is the time of year when families can come together. It’s important to have social connections and my heart goes out to everyone who has to spend this Christmas alone. Whether it’s due to lockdown restrictions or difficulty in travel due to snowfall, I wish you can find a way to connect with those you love through the Internet or mail.

If you didn’t know how important social connections are for our health, here is an amazing podcast that I highly recommend. Huberman Lab’s latest episode is all about this subject. Enjoy! And once again, merry Christmas!