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The Joys of Christmas Gift Shopping During a Pandemic

Watching all your classic and favorite Christmas movies might seem strange this year, after living in a pandemic… Look at all the lovely people hugging with out masks, filling up the malls with their shopping carts. It’s all so strange, isn’t it? Christmas shopping used to be so fun. Now, we must find new ways to make it fun, because if good luck going to the mall to shop like you used to. But I’m not here to complain about mandates and regulations. I want to make Christmas fun this year, no matter what I need to sacrifice in the name of health and safety. Keep in mind while reading this that I am trying very, very hard to not make this sound like a satire.

This is why I thought of several fun ways families can enjoy their Christmas gift shopping in 2021 without leaving the home:

  1. With your family, dress up like you’re going shopping to the store but instead of leaving the house make believe that you’re going to the mall by pretending your computer is a cash register.
  2. Get your family in the car and drive down to the four corners of your town, and drive in circles all day, staring in the windows, pretending you’re shopping and everything is normal.
  3. Open your blinds and stare at the houses on your street, pretending their stores. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself entering them, choosing the perfect gifts for your loved ones.
  4. Screw it, just go online and buy some stuff. It’ll all be over soon….