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Where you drive the ball… A life lesson explained.

If you’re into golfing and you like metaphors than here’s a blog post for you. At Cart Stuff Depot we like a “challenging thought” every once in a while, and I’ve been thinking that driving the golf ball where you want it to go is a great metaphor for life. Here is my lesson explained:

I often hear that we become what we think about. If that’s true, I wonder why it’s so hard to get the golf ball where you want it to go sometimes, even after thinking so hard about the green where you want it to land.

My wonderings brought me to some wanderings where I like to pass through the trails of my local golf course walking my dog, watching others perform my favorite pastime. I watch some people hit the ball and watch it soar to exactly where they want it, and I watch others hit the ball and grumble to see that their ball is nowhere desirable at all.

Seeing this contrast of success and failure on the golf course is like walking down any busy downtown street and seeing some people in fancy electric cars and others begging for cash on the curb. If the big difference between these lucky folk and the not-so-lucky is what we think about, then why can’t I ever get a hole in one!?

I finally came to the conclusion that I can get a hole in one, I just don’t believe enough in myself yet nor have I tried hard enough. And there it is. We can’t get a hole in one every time but, if we pursue it enough, eventually we will. And that’s why we become what we think about, with persistence and practice.