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Where to go in Hamilton Ontario

hamilton ont

I just came back from Hamilton Ontario a little behind schedule thanks to the Canadian trucker convoy of 2022. But hey, Canada is better to travel in than most places despite this hiccup. I wanted to share a bit about my experience in Hamilton as well as what attractions I would recommend.

My experience was great but mostly because I haven’t traveled with my good buddies in a long time so it would’ve been great no matter where we went. It was funny, on our first night there we can to get the car repaired at the best auto shop Hamilton could throw at us without a minute’s warning, a friendly place called Tip Top Auto Body, but that wasn’t going to be our first attraction. Once that was over we checked out some real attractions. The winter weather made these attractions slightly less attractive but in hindsight I’m so glad I went because these memories are great.

First we went Dundurn Castle which would be my first recommendation. Then we went to Gage Park for a lunch picnic and had a blast enjoying the scenery. Some sunshine would’ve made it perfect. Then we checked out a place called the Devil’s Punchbowl. Don’t tell anyone but we enjoyed a few beers there before we headed to downtown Hamilton for dinner at a place called The Ship on Augusta Street. It’s very cool there and the food had good Canadian flavor.

If you want a full list of where to go in Hamilton though try this link for TripAdvisor.

Thanks for reading.